Having clean air circulate throughout your home is very important. In fact, dirty air ducts are a main cause of allergies and other health issues that many experience. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Having the air quality of your home tested can help alleviate many of the health issues that you might have.

One technology that can help prevent allergens in an HVAC system is the installation of UV lights. These lights can be very costly to install, but in some cases they can be very effective when it comes to keeping your air ducts clean. UV lights help to kill microbes as they are passing through the system.

Not everyone will need these HVAC UV lights. However, for those who live in areas that are hot and humid and those who are suffering from severe allergies, these lights can be extremely beneficial and the benefits outweigh the costs in many cases.

UV lights can be very effective in specific ranges. The lights will kill organic growth such as bacteria and mold. However, they do not have any type of effect on pet dander, dust, and other common allergens.

In most cases, the HVAC company will install the lights near the coils. This will help to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold as it goes through the system. Since all of the air will pass through the coils, any growths in the air will be killed as well. These lights are most effective in more humid climates as these are the areas where evaporator coils get wet the easiest.

These lights will need to be cleaned regularly and the bulbs should be replaced every year. While this is an effective way to clean the air in your home, it can be expensive.