How Air Purifiers Work

An air purifying system is made up of internal fans that suction the air in your home through different filters that eradicate harmful airborne particles such as pollen, dust, and bacteria. The system then circulates the cleansed air back into the room, which disperses itself throughout your home. This process is repeated several times per hour, maintaining an environment of healthy, clean air for everyone.

The Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier

Guarantees Clean Air for Your Family

The EPA estimates that indoor air is actually dirtier than the air outdoors— up to anywhere from 2 to 100 times dirtier. A well-functioning air purifier ensures that you’re breathing healthy air free of pollutants. 

They Remove the Smelly Smells 

It’s very likely that you love to cook, but hate the odors that spread to each room and linger for hours. Air purifiers are able to help you in this respect, and remove all those unwanted smells.

They Trap Airborne Allergens 

We all love our precious kitties and puppies, but these little guys have a tendency to release their fur, dander, and other pesky allergens into the air of our homes (that tend to be stinky too!). Air purifiers help by trapping these allergens before they get the chance to settle throughout your home. 

They Neutralize Smoke 

Nothing has the special kind of stink that smoke does— whether it’s your spouse’s bad habit or your love affair with the cozy fireplace. Whatever the cause of the smoke is, an air purifier can ensnare that smoke before it ends up stinking up your furniture and clothes. 

They Stop Germs from Spreading

The UV bulbs in air purifiers have the ability to catch and neutralize upward of 99.97 percent of all the airborne germs of whatever virus might be floating about in your house.